we are a company designed to align your inner peace with your environment.

Aligning with your highest self can be tough when you have a lot of noise surrounding you. We believe that if we can reimagine your space to help support you and your family, your goals and the life you love living. Enhancing, rebranding, redesigning, you name it- we can help guide you to the destination. 

Our mission.

With Divine Order, we not only help guide you through those feelings, but give you tools on how to manage it on a go-forward basis.  

One thing our team has found over the course of years working with clients, is that there’s often fear associated with tackling whatever project you have on your list.

Life is about balance.

We approach every project with no judgement. Whether you’ve got 30 years of stuff to go through or just need help designing your new studio apartment, there’s no shame whatsoever in asking for a helping hand. It’s so important to honor your space, your things and find the balance that you are craving.

I’ve grown up learning that Gratitude is the most powerful emotion and superpower we all have access to. So, I’m grateful you’re here. My intention of starting this business is to bring alignment and peace to families and individuals need a little extra hand when organizing or designing their spaces. My goal is to help you reimagine and reclaim your space that aligns with your highest purpose and self. We all have energy and vibrations and I want to help others find the frequency they were destined to vibrate on. It’s my belief that this all starts from the environment you put yourself in. 

I use my personal technique called the ACT Method. ACT your way into FEELING and you will see the results. A-assess, C-Categorize, T- Transform. It’s simple, yet effective. My goal is to bring home organization and design concepts to the modern household because everyone, no matter status or how out of control you feel like your life is- I promise there is always a way. 

hi, i'm sarah.

Meet our founder.

On my last day in Missouri, walking around the creek beds on my dads property, I stumbled across a book that someone had burned in a fire.  There were pages all around but I just happened to look down and find a burnt page of the book. Someone very important to me once gave this quote, "the universe speaks in feathers, bricks and trucks" and the words on this page hit me like a ton of bricks. 

It read... "You already have the answer. ... Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. Writing down your original vision is the key to fulfilling it. We shouldn't just write it down, we should give it away so others will be inspired as well...Our purpose, direction and plan is already there." 

It couldn't have been more clear on what I needed to do. I flew back to LA, opened my LLC and started Divine Order. Within days, my first client had already found me. DAYS. It was as if the universe was saying, yep- this is a good plan, you can do this. I can't help but wonder, if I didn't go through the breakdown, would I have come to this breakthrough? Sometimes, you have to go through it to GROW through it.  

From there, I've grown, the business has grown and I hope to bring Divine Order to individuals and families that want more out of their spaces so they can also find their purpose and live the life of their dreams.

I've always had a "thing" for being very organized. Over the years, I've helped friends and family organize or pick out pretty things for their homes and I've always been told that I should do something with these talents. But it wasn't until a trip back home to Missouri, during a time when I was really struggling to find my purpose, that it all aligned and made sense.

During my trip, I was visiting a friend, and when I stepped into her home, I could tell that she was being weighed down by her space.  She and I had a long talk about what was going on internally, because it felt like her external environment was a reflection of what was going on inside for her. I asked her if she would be open to me helping her get the house in order, she agreed and we got to work! We spent the next two days cleaning, decluttering, archiving, reorganizing and redesigning  to give her back her home. We were already very close- but I felt like those two days we got so much closer. We turned her home upside down and her kids were just like "WE HAVE A NEW HOUSE".  I could see the transformation in her mindset already starting to take shape after we cleared the clutter and created an intentional, mindful space for her and her family to enjoy.

All of a sudden I'd found the purpose that I was in search of. I couldn't shake the feeling of "I need to do this for others. I want to spread this joy like wildfire. I have to do this.".

how i got started

Finding my purpose.

a sign from the universe

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