We live in a world where for every event, we give gifts, we shop, we are inundated with ads constantly of things to buy. Minimalistic mindsets are hard to maintain when the world we live in is constantly programming us that we need “more” 

At Divine Order, we want to help break that pattern that allows our clients to live free of clutter and live intentionally with the things that are most important to you. 

Wellness isn’t just tied to your mind and your body- many aspects of wellness are tied to your environment. If we can minimize the distractions in your day to day environment, it will help you focus on the things that are most important. Whether that be home cooking for your family, exercising more often, reading a book in your living room, focusing on that promotion. Living a life of abundance starts with minimalism- counter intuitive, I know. 

Going through a home organization process is often times a very emotionally healing journey. Why?

Because our belongings carry many emotional ties.

With our simplistic methods, we guide you through the steps of how to let go of your possessions that are no longer serving you. This isn't just a once and done process, we also give you the tools to maintain that mindset and practice this skill on your own! 

focused on intentional living.


Bedroom, closets, pantries, garages, playrooms, nurseries, offices, specialty room, your whole house. Whatever your needs, our customized packages can be tailored to you.

all packages include a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the space, goals, budget, and product options

Home Organization Packages

Our signature package is customizable to fit whatever your home organization needs may be.  After our consultation, the Divine Order Team will assess the timeline and send a project plan for redefining your space. 

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Allow us to come onsite while you’re out and about to take care of the space- great for the individuals that travel often or prefer no-contact service. Book a free consultation, and we will customize a package just for you. 

the virtual visionary


Great for the people who just want help doing it themselves! Have us guide you through the space virtually and help you through the screen! 

virtual go-getter



Got a move coming up and need help getting organized? Whether you just want to bounce ideas off of us, or need assistance every step of the way, we are here to help. We have lots of resources to help your move be as least stressful as possible. 

moving consultations & services


selling items not wanted

Shredding services

hauling + donating

Product sourcing

Additional Services Available

During our consultation, we will take you through what we call our "circle of life analysis." This alignment wheel allows us to grade ourselves on different areas of our lives to see where we might need more balance and order. Chances are, it may not look like a wheel at all, but instead something rough and jagged like you see here. 

As you begin to make improvements to one area of your life, our clients see the other aspects start to improve as well, creating a well-oiled wheel that allows you to live the life you deserve.

included in your consultation.

Circle of Life

- jamie

“Hiring the Divine Order to reorganize our garage was one of the best decisions we have ever made. After years and years of continually cluttering our garage space, we knew we needed professional help. With Sarah's expertise and strategic planning, we were able to make the impossible possible. She was thoughtful, creative and incredibly efficient. We wholeheartedly recommend the Divine Order to all our friends and family.”

“She was thoughtful, creative and incredibly efficient.”

Fun fact, home organizing doesn't have to be for just your rich friends. After our consultation, I'll draft up a quote that fits within your budgetary needs. 

how much does a home organizer cost?


Yes, you absolutely can- but I'm here to guide you, devise a plan and make sure you execute on that plan. I can be as hands on or hands off as you like! 

can i do this myself?


Depending on your service, I will guide you through what goals you're looking to achieve, take you through my Circle of Life exercise, and by the end of the call- we will have an excellent jumping off point to your newest project. 

What should i expect in a consultation?


Ha, no. But- I will challenge you to honor yourself, your space and sometimes that means that we have to let go of items that are no longer serving us. I will never throw out or get rid of items without my client's consent. 

will you make me throw my things away?


Well, it really depends on project. Typically I will have a great idea of timeline by the end of our consultation. 

how long will this take?


Absolutely! With all of my design consultations, I create a mood board that I feel fits your needs after getting to know you and your goals. 

i don't know what style i want for my space. can you still help?


Frequently Asked Questions

we can help you with that.

A mindful space can transform your life.