Our thoughts have the potential to become our reality. Maybe you don't have a complete vision...maybe you have a throw pillow that you fell in love with. Our methods are simple, yet effective. We work with your budget, your ideas and curate them into a unique space that allows vision to meet reality.

We like to think of interior design as an art form. With the collaboration between our designers and clients, we take your vision and beautifully transpose it into a space that gives you all the feels. 

focused on intentional living.

Interior Design

Interior design consultations are $50 and include a one hour session with Sarah where she guides you through a series of questions to understand your design preferences, the space, budget, what your intentions are with the space, invite your to participate in her circle of life exercise, and then she will create a digital mood board to spark inspiration 

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Interior Design Packages

how it works:

Next, we'll take dimensions of your space and create different layout styles to give you options! 

space planning

includes space planning- digital layout options of space and recommendations on furniture sizing and so you can conceptualize how the space will look at the end!



also includes:

Round the clock communication with designer to bounce ideas off of. WE all know the feeling of “should I buy this?! Help!” 

includes everything from "redesign package" above as well as product sourcing. We take pride in also offering sustainably sourced products, if you want to shop second hand- we will help you do that! We coordinate with you on products that will fit and you also share with us anything you want to include in your new space.



Everything included in the "redesign" and "reinvigorate" packages above - but you give us free range to buy all product and design everything from start to finish. You give us a budget, and we stick within that budget to make your space even more special using our magic.



- jamie

“Hiring Divine Order to reorganize our garage was one of the best decisions we have ever made. After years and years of continually cluttering our garage space, we knew we needed professional help. With Sarah's expertise and strategic planning, we were able to make the impossible possible. She was thoughtful, creative and incredibly efficient. We wholeheartedly recommend Divine Order to all our friends and family.”

“She was thoughtful, creative and incredibly efficient.”

Fun fact, home organizing doesn't have to be for just your rich friends. After our consultation, I'll draft up a quote that fits within your budgetary needs. 

how much does a home organizer cost?


Yes, you absolutely can- but I'm here to guide you, devise a plan and make sure you execute on that plan. I can be as hands on or hands off as you like! 

can i do this myself?


Depending on your service, I will guide you through what goals you're looking to achieve, take you through my Circle of Life exercise, and by the end of the call- we will have an excellent jumping off point to your newest project. 

What should i expect in a consultation?


Ha, no. But- I will challenge you to honor yourself, your space and sometimes that means that we have to let go of items that are no longer serving us. I will never throw out or get rid of items without my client's consent. 

will you make me throw my things away?


Well, it really depends on project. Typically I will have a great idea of timeline by the end of our consultation. 

how long will this take?


Absolutely! With all of my design consultations, I create a mood board that I feel fits your needs after getting to know you and your goals. 

i don't know what style i want for my space. can you still help?


Frequently Asked Questions

we can help you with that.

A mindful space can transform your life.